Carpetaid+ & Flooraid+

Carpetaid+ Carpet Stain Remover.  Nu-Way Carpet Floors To Go in Astoria, OR.
Carpetaid+ Carpet Stain Remover

Extremely effective carpet stain remover powers out the toughest stains quickly and easily.

Eliminates both oil and water-based stains - no matter how old.

No rubbing or scrubbing required.

Leaves no ring or residue.

Effortlessly wipes out these difficult stains: Pet stains, Grease, Cola, Coffee, Wine, Food spills, Ink, Shoe polish, Lipstick, Blood, plus many others!
Flooraid+ Cleaner.  Nu-Way Carpet Floors To Go in Astoria, OR.

Flooraid+ is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly product designed to clean all hard surfaces while enhancing their natural gloss and beauty. Safe on natural stone and will not dull or etch the surface. An exclusive blend of organic surfactants and water conditioning agents are formulated to clean the surface while leaving a residue free shine. For use on wood, stone, laminate, tile and vinyl.  Designed to be safe for the environment and the consumer. Utilizing a corn based surfactant that is non-toxic and readily biodegradable, Flooraid+ contains no harsh solvents or phenolic compounds.